Horizon 2020

The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation “Horizon 2020” was launched in 2014 and will continue until 2020. The total budget of the program is about €80 billion. It is the financial instrument implementing the Innovation Union, a Europe 2020 flagship initiative aimed at securing Europe's global competitiveness, driving economic growth and creating jobs. Because Ukraine signed an Association Agreement with the EU, Ukrainian citizens received an opportunity to equally participate in the “Horizon 2020” program. The participation agreement was signed in March 2015 and ratified the same year. The participation of Ukraine with this framework program will contribute to the broadening of the participation of Ukrainian scientific and research institutions and universities in European scientific research as well as to the development of partner relationships between Ukraine and EU.

“Horizon 2020” focuses funding on three different mutually beneficial partnerships, of which the top priority for our Institute are: “Excellent Science”, which is divided into three blocks: European Research Council – supports fundamental scientific research; Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions – aimed at improving human capacity by giving the researches opportunities for studying and developing their careers; European Research Infrastructures – contributes to the improvement of research infrastructure.

Detailed information on the program can be found on the Ukrainian National Portal of Horizon 2020 and websites of the European Commission devoted to the Program: official website of “Horizon 2020”, and Participant portal. Moreover, much useful information is on the website of Bilat-Ukraina project, the main objective of which is contributing the scientific cooperation between Ukraine and EU. In particular, this website contains the Horizon 2020 Handbook (PDF), specially developed for Ukrainian researchers, which briefly and informationally describes the information on various types of calls, funding schemes within the “Horizon 2020”, principal conditions of participation, application process, budgeting as well as the information on the system of partner search.

The Institute of Fisheries is registered in the Participant Portal of the European Commission and open for cooperation with interested parties.

We proposed following projects:

  1. Control of infectious diseases in aquaculture;
  2. Biodiversity of native populations of Black Sea sturgeons;
  3. Cytogenetic management of environmental sustainability of valuable fish species;
  4. Hydroacoustic fish stocks assessment in the Dnieper reservoirs;
  5. Biotechnology reproduction of natural populations of endangered species;
  6. Increased biological productivity of fish-breeding ponds in terms of organic production of fish products;
  7. The use of non-conventional feed ingredients in fish culture in order to neutralize the impact of exogenous stressors on the body of the fish;
  8. Improving the safety and quality of fish products through the use of feed additives bioactive properties;
  9. Comprehensive assessment ichtyopatological situation of infectious diseases of fish in transboundary waters.