Lviv research station

Oleksandr Kovalchuk
phone: +38(067)238-98-38
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Lviv Research Station has been created at the premises of the fish farm “Gorodok” for applying the scientific potential for increasing the efficiency of pond aquaculture in Western regions of Ukraine.

The Station has 4 structural units:
Fish feeding laboratory;
Ichthyopathology laboratory;
Sector of hydrochemical and hydrobiological studies;
Fish selection sector.

Main research areas:

  1. development of scientific approaches for the rationalization of fish feeding system;
  2. studies of biological requirements of commercially valuable fish species;
  3. studies on an increase in fish immune resistance to the action of stress factors by introducing immunomodulating products of plant origin into combined feeds;
  4. use of new disinfection agents in aquaculture;
  5. development and implementation of new treatment products for the treatment of parasitic and infectious diseases in fish;
  6. development and implementation of new disinfection agents in aquaculture;
  7. development of methods for improving water quality by applying mineral and organic fertilizers;
  8. studies of natural food supply and productivity of forage hydrobiont cenoses;
  9. search for new methods and ways of increasing bioproductive potential of fisheries important water bodies;
  10. improvement of the breed characteristics of carp;
  11. formation of pedigree males of Amur wild carp.

Propositions of services for individuals and legal entities:

  • scientific-biological justifications for rational exploitation of water bodies;
  • provision of recommendations on the limitation of the harvest of aquatic bioresources in spawning period;
  • spring-autumn valuation for forming fish replacement-brood stocks;
  • providing recommendations on different forms of carp rearing by individual orders;
  • consulting and performing spawning campaigns;
  • full and partial chemical analysis of water quality of fisheries important water bodies;
  • providing recommendations on the optimization of aquatic environment;
  • performing complex studies of natural food supply development and providing recommendations on its increase;
  • providing consultations of the use of traditional and non-traditional kinds of fertilizers, ways of their application into fish ponds;
  • development of feed formula of available raw materials;
  • tests of carp feed quality on the physiological-biochemical condition of fish organism;
  • experimental determination of feed nutritive value;
  • rationing the feeding of cyprinids and sturgeons;
  • parasitological investigations of fish;
  • consulting on the prevention and treatment of parasitic and infectious diseases in pond fish;
  • providing expert reports on epizotic situation in fish farms.

Research scientists of the Research Station performed following works:
1) formed replacement-brood stocks of carp, which in 1999 underwent state approbation and adopted as Lubin framed and Lubin scaly intrabreed types of Ukrainian breeds, which were listed in the state register of selective breeding achievements of Ukraine;
2) developed the formulas of combined feeds for feeding multiple age groups of carp;
3) approbated and implemented into production:
- preparation “Enroflokvet”, which is used for the treatment of aeromonisis of cyprinids;
- preparation “Floron”, which is used for the treatment of swim bladder inflammation;
- preparations “Kristal-1000” and “Kristal-1100”, which are used for the disinfection of incubation facilities, live fish vehicles and fishing gears.
4) developed recommendations on the use of alcohol industry wastes – distiller’s grains as an organic fertilizers for increasing the development of natural food supply and fish productivity in fish ponds