Lviv research station. Sector of fish selection

Head of sector:
Bogdan Siariy
Sen. Res. Sc.
phone: +38 (03) 231-24-135,
mobile: +38 (096)386-75-55
е-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Aim of the sector – selection, formation, and evaluation of the replacement and brood stocks of high productive Ukrainian carp breeds and Amur wild carp, breeding of high productive and disease resistant carp cross breeds and hybrids based on existing breeds.

Importance of the sector activities. Carp culture of Ukraine has been continuously working on the enrichment of own genetic pool with new productive and disease resistant carp breeds, cross breeds, and hybrids. The Sector of fish selection carries out selection and genetic studies aimed at improving the breed qualities of Ukrainian carp breeds, including Lubin framed and scaled intrabreed types. We also perform rearing of Amur wild carp, the properties of the organism of which are used for the creation of high productive hybrids.

We use commonly accepted differential methods of the selection of fish at different stages of their development with the use of electronic markers as well as the methods of the genetic identification of individual fish, dendrologic assessment of the genetic relationships of carp breeds. We also use the method of fish sperm cryopreservation for preserving and restoring pure lines of selected fish species and breeds.

Major areas of the sector activities:

  1. formation of desired morphological parameters in the carp of local origin by crossing high productive breeds and their multistep selection;
  2. use of modern cryobiotechnologies in fish selection – as a way to improve the genetic pool of fish culture objects.

Propositions of services for individuals and legal entities:

  • spring-autumn evaluation for forming fish brood stocks;
  • recommendations on different forms of carp rearing by individual orders;
  • procedure and management of fish spawning processes.