Laboratory of salmon farming, sturgeon farming and reproduction technologies of rare and endangered fish species

Head of the laboratory:
Anna Kucheruk
Ph.D of Agricultural Sciences
mobile +38(096)132-7673
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Laboratory of salmonid culture and restoration of endangered fish species has been created for the restoration in Ukraine and significant increase in the species structure of fish culture objects due by using native salmonids and sturgeons. The primary attention is given to the conservation of the genetic pool of endangered fish species including Danube salmon, European grayling, brown trout, sterlet of Danube and Dniester populations.

The importance of the laboratory is related to the fact that slamonids belong to a rare complex of freshwater fish fauna of Ukraine, the conservation of which is task of national importance. Therefore, the artificial propagation and introduction into aquaculture of salmonids and endangered fish species currently became an important issue.

Research methods of the laboratory include generally accepted ichthyological, hydrobiological, and fish culture techniques. Moreover, for the approbation of technological schemes, we use in-house methods, which allow assessing the efficiency of the rearing of salmonids based on established criteria. Employees of the laboratory carry out joint studies with Presov University (Slovakia), with the Recreational Fishing Association (Poland) and French Aquaculture Association.

Major areas of the department activities:

  1. Research works and monitoring of the presence of rare and endangered salmonid species (brown trout Salmo trutta morpha fario (Linnaeus), Danube salmon Hucho hucho (L), European grayling Thymallus thymallus (L) in Carpathian rivers;
  2. improvement of methodological approaches for the determination of biological parameters of salmonids and endangered fish species;
  3. determination of the population structure of salmonids for the improvement of the methods of their exploitation and preservation of their reproductive potential;
  4. analysis of the human impact effects on the populations of endangered fish species;
  5. study of the peculiarities of their restoration, distribution, and abundance dynamics, feeding and trophic relationships, natural food supply, growth, population biology, interspecific and intraspecific competitive relationships and the state of the habitats of salmonids and endangered fish species;
  6. development of the recommendations on the improvement of the restoration of endangered fish species;
  7. monitoring of the state of brood salmonids in fish farms;
  8. increase in the efficiency of salmonid rearing in aquaculture;
  9. analysis of the state of domestic and world experience in the field of the restoration of salmonids and endangered fish species.

Propositions of services for individuals and legal entities:

  • development of the technological schemes of salmonid rearing according the conditions of individual fish farms;
  • development of breeding selection programs of the subjects of breeding selection;
  • provision of scientific support for forming selection brood stocks in fish farms – subjects of breeding selection;
  • consulting services on salmonid rearing;
  • formation of domesticated replacement and brood stocks of salmonids and endangered fish species.