State enterprise «Experimental fish farm of Lviv research station»

Volodymyr Petriv
phone: +38(231)24-135,
e-mail (director): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Head accountant:
Hanna Gryb

The State enterprise «Experimental fish farm of Lviv Research Station» of the Institute of Fisheries of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine has been created in 2002 as a result of the reorganization of Lviv Unit of the Institute of Fisheries UAAS.

The experimental fish farm is directly reported to the Lviv Research Station of the IF NAAS that is in accord with the objective of its creation – organizational and business support of the station for performing studies, tests, and finishing scientific works, their approbation as well as the process audit and their implementation into production.

The activities of the fish farm are aimed at achieving the positive results when rearing fish seeds, marketable fish, and breeding material of Lubin intrabreed types of carp and Amur wild carp.

The Experimental Station has material resources sufficient for its work. For industrial production of fish larvae, an incubation facility has been reconstructed, which allowed optimizing fish rearing processes due to early spawning by the incubation of breeding fish eggs.

Pond stock of the Experimental Farm has 233.44 ha of water area, of which 175 ha are fattening ponds, 36.43 ha are nursery ponds, 8.23 ha and wintering ponds, 0.95 ha are spawning ponds, 12.83 ha are summer brood fish ponds.

The Experimental Farm has specialized a vehicle: a live fish truck «MAN» equipped for long distance transportation of live fish products.

Twenty experimental ponds of 0.10-0.18 ha area with independent water supply were built for conducting scientific works.

The Lviv Research Station with the Experimental Farm has been attested by the Breeding Fish Plant for rearing Amur wild carp, scaly and framed carp of Lubin intrabreed types of Ukrainian carp and by the Aquaculture Selection Center.

According to this, the main accent in the activities of the Experimental farm is selection. The farm rears and sells brood Lubin scaly and framed carp, develops new perspective lines of scaleless carp based on the synthesis of the best features, which are proper to Lubin framed carp, Halych carp imported from Poland and carp of Hungarian origin.

For last 5 years, the fish farm sold more than 1200 nests of brood Lubin carp, 700 males of Amur wild carp.

The Experimental Station of the Lviv Research Station IF NAAS is a research base for scientific works implemented in the aquaculture of Ukraine and abroad.