Department of fish selection

Head of the department:
Нanna Kurinenko
Ph.D of Agricultural Sciences, Senior Research Scientist
mobile: +38(067)318-15-10
e-mail (head): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The aim of the department is organizing and conducting selective-breeding works with pond fish at fish farms of different forms of ownership.

Currently, the department of fish selection develops selective-genetic bases for the improvement of the genetic resources of aquaculture objects with the use of molecular-genetic methods and modern cryobiotechnologies. Lately, a significant progress was achieved in the freezing of fish sperm and its use for artificial reproduction of valuable, rare and endangered species as well as pedigree fish specimen valuable in selective aspect. In the nearest perspective, we planned to conduct the works on forming the new brood stocks of Ukrainian carp breeds and improvement of breed base of domestic aquaculture, to obtain and grow new genotypes of valuable aquaculture objects with the use of modern biotechnologies, to widen and implement novel achievements of molecular genetics into everyday practice of fisheries research and fish selection, including the use of markers base on mitochondrial DNA.

Major areas of the department activities:

  1. development of selective-breeding bases for improving the genetic resources of aquaculture objects;
  2. rearing and forming the improved stocks of aquaculture objects;

Propositions of services for individuals and legal entities:

  • consultative and practical aid on organizing and conducting selective-breeding works in aquaculture;
  • selective-breeding works at specific fish farms.

The Department of Fish Selection of the Institute of Fisheries created first in the former Soviet Union two carp breeds – Ukrainian framed and Ukrainian scaled carp, based on which a number of intrabreed types and arrays (ecological types) were created, including: Nivka intrabreed type (scaled form); little scaled type (framed form); Lyubin types (scaled and framed forms) as well as Antonisko-Zozulenetsk arrays (scaled and framed forms) and Nesvitsk arrays (scaled and framed forms).