Department of molecular-genetic studies

Head of the department:
Alla Mariutsa
Ph.D of Agricultural Sciences, Senior Research Scientist
mobile: +38 098 448-87-25
e-mail (head): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The department was created in 2006 with a goal to conduct the studies on the genetic structure of the populations of different fish species with the use of novel technologies. It is equipped with modern equipment and currently investigates the genetic structure formation dynamics in different breeds of fish of aquatic ecosystems.

The importance of the department activities is related to the necessity of the application of molecular-genetic methods that allows controlling the movement of genetic information in breeds and intrabreed groups, detecting their specific peculiarities as well as studying the peculiarities of fish populations when introducing them to new regions.

The methodology of the department supposes the application of genetic-biochemical systems, DNA markers, cytogenetic analysis and biochemical methods.

Major areas of the department activities:

  1. monitoring studies on the genetic structure control and cytogenetic analysis of the pedigree stocks of valuable fish species for the rational use of their gene pool;
  2. studies of the genetic structure specificity of different fish species;
  3. studies of the mechanisms of the formation of gene complex associations of different ecologo-geographic regions of Ukraine;
  4. development of the scientific bases for the monitoring of the genetic components in aquatic ecosystems;
  5. development of effective methods for the identification of the genetic structure of individual fish species populations in inland water bodies of different types;
  6. conservation of ecological equilibrium and biodiversity on species and breed levels;
  7. studies of the genotoxic effect of the environment;
  8. improvement and approbation of genetic methods in fish selection;
  9. study of the genetic structure of rare and endangered fish species populations;
  10. study of the peculiarities of the formation of pedigree stocks and populations of different fish species by using a complex approach such as: genetic-biochemical systems, DNA markers (SSR, ISSR), cytogenetic analysis, biochemical studies;
  11. use of real time PCR method for the determination of GMO content in fish products and feeds of different compositions;
  12. study of the mechanisms of cytogenetic abnormality formation in different fish species.

Propositions of services for individuals and legal entities:

  • molecular-genetic, cytogenetic, biochemical analysis of the pedigree material of different fish species;
  • solving the problems of the heterozygosis level correction in fish populations;
  • solving the problems of the consolidation of breeds and intrabreed groups;
  • use of genomic selection elements when forming the genofond stocks of aquaculture objects with the desired productivity parameters.

Study results:

Selected the most informative molecular-genetic markers for long-term population-genetic control in agrosystems;

Performed an analysis and study of the formation specificity of the genetic structure on individual carp breeds and intrabreed types;

Determined the degree of intrabreed conservatism by the individual microsatellite sequences of nuclear DNA in carp of different geneses;

Developed scientific-methodical approached for the correction of population-genetic structure of fish pedigree stocks that contributes to the selective process optimization;

Developed methodical approaches of the detection of the most informative parameters of chromosomal apparatus stability in fish;

Developed a way to determine the genetic apparatus stability in cyprinids.